About the Isle of Wight Bonsai Society

In 1982 Anne Butler, a member of the National Bonsai Society, contacted them to see if there were any other members living on the Isle of Wight. At the time there was not but the National Society put Anne in touch with the British Bonsai Society who informed her that they had one member, Sue Hacker, on the Island. They arranged to meet every month in each other’s houses with a view to starting a local club.

They decided to advertise in the local paper to try and attract more members and chose the Unitarian Meeting House in Newport as a venue. Initially there were few replies but a core membership of about six people was established and met on the first Wednesday of every month. The Isle of Wight Bonsai Society was born.

The first Bonsai show that we did was at The Gurnard WI hall. No one was very sure about what we were doing as none of the members had ever been to a Bonsai show, and we put on a tiny display of trees plonked on a table cloth. The response however was very good so we decided that we must keep on showing and in the second year we held the show in the Unitarian Meeting Hall which led to more members joining the Society. We continue to show at various events and have become much more skilled in displaying the trees at their best.

We decided to hold an annual trip to visit various Bonsai nurseries. One very memorable outing was to Bromwich & Young, sadly no longer in business, who because we were taking a fairly large group, agreed to put on a lunch for us. When we arrived we were shown into one of their potting sheds where a vast buffet had been laid out for us. Phil Allman, now our Vice Chairman, had come prepared with a packed lunch (just in case) and he had the shock of his life when he saw the spread. His lunch went home with him! We continued to visit quite regularly as we always had such a warm welcome.

The Society has grown from strength to strength and continues to meet on the first Wednesday of every month at the original venue.
  we are very approachable, while being informative and professional.